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5 reasons to Buy Early this season

Posted by Linda Chambers on Tue, Mar 15, 2011 @ 10:26 AM

I am sure there are more than 5 but these are the top ones contractors need to consider in making the decision to buy early and buy as much as they can now before the main cleaning season gets started rather then to wait or to purchase in smaller volumes during this year.

1. Buying in volume saves.

2. Buying before fuel costs rise that will increase all costs.

3. Keeps your costs stable for your customers.

4. Buying concentrated product vs. RTU saves on storage.

5. Buying in kits vs. single 5 gallon tight drums.

When you know you will use 5-6 kits of product during the year buying all or most of it early will save you money. Most freight companies charge the same for 0-300 lbs of product to be shipped so for most of you that would be at least 3 kits to make 3-6 55 drums of concentrated product or 6 - 5 gallon tight drums. Plus the next 300 lbs can be a fraction of the cost of the first 300. For instance 2 kits bought three times last year to IN cost one of our customers $2,220.44. If he buys at least 3 kits at todays shipping cost it will be $1,042.89 and even if shipping does not go up he will save at least one complete shipping charge of between $135-$140 this year. And if he could purchase all 6 now product and freight would only be $1,961.08 saving him over $259.36 from last year. He would be able to hold his prices stable to his customers and since our products are concentrated, he only needs to mix them as he needs them saving storage space he would have used if the product were all RTU (ready to use).

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You can save even more if you normally buy single 5 gallon tight drums of product to go ahead and buy kits instead and place one large order. One customer in MI bought from us 5 times last year a total of 5 - 5 gallons of Mighty Max, 6 - 5 gallons of Brown Derby, and a few other single 5 gallons of things like Aluma Brite and Concrete Cleaner. His total expense last year, with most orders shipping UPS Ground, was $1,484.62. Now if this year he bought one kit of Might Max for $280 that would make him 11 - 5 gallons (enough for two years, or less if he increases his business), 1 Brown Derby super concentrate for $150 which will also make 11 - 5 gallons, plus the 2 Aluma Brite for $130 and Concrete Cleaner for $50 that order would weigh 290 lbs plus the pallet keeping it just under 300 lbs for a total shipping cost via R&L just once of only $163.58, for a grand total of $773.58 for at least a years worth of product saving himself $711.04, plus having twice as much of two products.

If you would like us to evaluate what you purchased last year and make a recomendation of what you could buy now to save yourself money in the long run call us at 1-800-762-7911.

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