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Bio Barrier, our mold growth inhibitor, stops Gloeocapsa magma.

Posted by Linda Chambers on Mon, Jun 09, 2008 @ 10:45 AM

I want to talk today about a product many of you might not know about that can add value to your house washing business, Bio Barrier.

Bio Barrieris a 'Mold Growth Inhibitor'. It helps stop the re-occurrence of that ugly black mold (Gloeocapsa magma) on roofs as well as the green mold that loves to come up on wood surfaces and vinyl siding in areas where the sun does not reach.
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Besides looking bad, mold and mildew will eventually cause permanent damage to asphalt shingles. You already have a customer wanting a cleaner looking house, so sell them the added benefit of keeping it clean longer with yearly regular maintenance.

You first clean the existing mold from the hard surface; roof, wall, deck etc. with your regular cleaning method starting with the molded areas first. Then once the surface is dry, many times in the hot summer weather that is by the time you get back around the house, that is when you apply the Bio Barrier. Bio Barrier is applied to a dry surface straight with no dilution. You just wet the surface using a hand spray pump or similar method, do not drench or allow puddling. You allow the treated area to thoroughly dry, with no rinsing. You want at least 24-48 hours to elapse before the surface gets wet again. So do not apply if you know it will be raining with in that time. Once dried you have a protective barrier that stops the microorganisms that cause odor and mold growth from attaching to the surface for around 12 months or longer depending on the exposure to water and moisture with no sun. So if it usually takes 9-12 months for the mold to start showing on a surface, schedule to be back the next year before it gets hold again.

If you add Bio Barrier to your cleaning package, adding say $50 to your price, that will practically pay for a five gallon pail of the product with just one sale and this will give added value to your customer and make your next years cleaning that much easier. Plus you have a reason to come back and retreat even if a completely new cleaning is not needed.

1 gallon will normally cover 1,500 sq. ft. and you need only treat areas where you found mold in the first place to help stop the spread of future outbreaks. You do not have to treat the whole house. For this reason it is a good idea to do a simple drawing of the property indicating where you needed to spray so you can easily come back and do those areas again next year even if you do not need to re-wash.

If you are adding Bio Barrier as a protective measure, most roofs get mold and algae starting on the North side or shaded areas first so treat those with Bio Barrier after your cleaning. Decks, fences and vinyl siding normally get mold where the sun does not reach for hours of the day if at all. This allows areas that get wet to stay moist and damp thus it becomes a perfect place for mold to start.

Increase the value of your service to your customer as you increase your bottom line by using Bio Barrier.

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