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Soap Warehouse even ships to the Bahamas.

Posted by Linda Chambers on Tue, May 05, 2009 @ 04:00 PM

As some of you may know Soap Warehouse sells products across the US but we also sell to customers in places like Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas. So far we only have a few customers in these places and we sell only a few things like airplane cleaner, house and car washes. So when I had the opportunity to travel to Treasure Cay, Green Turtle Cay and Marsh Harbor in the Bahamas last Thursday and Friday to visit some golf cart rental companies I went for it.

I was amazed at the opportunities that are there that no one has tapped into. So if you ever are considering a place to slow down and retire but still do some work once in a while these little islands are ready and waiting.

In the larger cities like Nassau things are about what they are here in the US just slower, but once you get over to some of the little islands, things are drastically different. These islands are too small for many cars, so they use golf carts! These islands thrive on tourism and they know one way to make a tourist pick them over the competition is appearance. For example: If you had the choice of renting a four person golf cart between 2-3 different companies and they are all located together in the same area at the dock when you landed, would you go to the one where you saw carts up on blocks obviously in need of repair with others with stains on the vinyl, or to the one with scuffs on the cart bodies with pealing decals OR would you head for the one that had gleaming clean carts all nicely parked in a row? Well you guessed right the clean ones rent first.

Even the Police use golf carts!

I spoke with some cart shop owners who admitted that many times a new customer will come in and ask to rent a certain cart by just its looks and only later ask the price or if it is electric or runs on gas? They already know what I was trying to sell them on. Appearance sells or in this case rents. The same also goes for the rental houses and cottages. Most are found only by being listed on the Internet and can only be seen first on line before they are rented out, but if real life does not measure up in person to the photo there can be trouble.
Same goes for your business. You may ask how can she compare my business where I am to something in the paradise of the Bahamas?

Well it is simple. If you pull up in a sparkling clean vehicle with a clean rig just like in your ads or on line, this new customer will be happy you are here to do work for them. They have the perception that their property will come out as nice. Also if you have before and after photos on your web site they also have in their minds how clean their property should be once you are done and are obviously ready to pay you to get it.

Always look at your self and business as if in a mirror and see if you like what you see?
Have a great week and I am glad to be back home, but it sure was pretty to look at.

Tags: marketing, Selling in the Bahamas, perception by apearance

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