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Be careful choosing Covid cleaning chemicals.

Posted by Linda Chambers on Wed, Jul 15, 2020 @ 01:17 PM

Right now everyone is looking and wanting products and ways to kill and stop Covid-19, the 


The problem is there are so many companies, equipment and products popping up making claims that they can kill, prevent infection, or give lasting killing action.

So how can you tell what is true or not?

First understand that when Covid came out no cleaner could say 100% for sure their product would kill the virus.

Products that already could claim they killed Human Corona virus most likely would also kill Covid-19 following the same directions so that is what companies where using and saying it would but tests had not been conducted yet.

In a press release on 7/7/20 the Federal government stated “Currently, EPA-registered products that claim long-lasting effectiveness are limited to those that control odor-causing bacteria on hard, non-porous surfaces. There are no EPA-registered products that claim long-lasting disinfection. The benefit of a longer-lasting antimicrobial product is the reduced need to clean and disinfect a surface or object every time after someone new touches it.”

These products included “Clorox” bleach, Lysol and others like the Victoria Bay Food Service Sanitizer that GCE carries 1 gallon Food Service Sanitizer and 5 gal Food Service Sanitizer So if you have or can get currently EPA certified products that can control odor-causing bacteria on hard, non-porous surfaces you are good.

Many companies like Clorox and Procter and Gamble are racing to conduct tests on current and new products to have products that will give and can guarantee longer disinfection.

The issue currently is that you can apply by spray, mist, fog etc. chemicals that after a specific dwell time, usually 10-30 minutes, will kill Covid on that surface. But as soon as that surface is exposed to Covid again it will need to be cleaned again. That is why the CDC is saying that frequently touched surfaces should be cleaned multiple times a day.

Please be careful when using claims in your advertising of when speaking to clients to be giving correct information.


Be well and stay safe.

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