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Have professional videos made for your business.

Posted by Linda Chambers on Mon, Dec 06, 2010 @ 08:47 PM

Hopefully you have had a chance to view our newest video for our new graffiti remover Blast Off.

The company that made that video for us is iMotion. If you think that video was hard for us or expensive to make, think again. Learn what we did earlier this year by downloading this PDF and action guide that won't cost you a dime:

C  Users Linda Pictures iMotionlogo resized 600

iMotion Video wrote this short guide to tackle the biggest obstacle that they face every day..."How to make video commercials that sell" They produce hundreds (literally) of videos each month for businesses in all sorts of niches so they see their share of challenges for sure.

Make sure you get this action guide today because the form will also get you registered for their "Done For You" discount video productions, the same kind of program we are using.

This week, on Wednesday, they are going to have a 24 hour sale for their discount membership which is already a ridiculous deal.

We joined a few months ago and already are seeing the benefits. If you want to start promoting your business with video but don't know where to start or think you will have to spend a lot of money on equipment or time you don't have, the action guide will give you some good pointers to consider. If you're looking for a competent yet inexpensive video company to actually make your videos for you then you'll be as happy as we are.

Either way, make sure you get your action guide today before they take the page down:

The PDF and action guide are free so grab it while you can.

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The Importance of MSDS's.

Posted by Linda Chambers on Mon, Nov 01, 2010 @ 11:21 AM

I have touched on this topic before but I plan to take this month, November, to emphasize the importance of the Material Safety Data Sheet.

In fact I will be making available a whitepaper "How to read a MSDS." that we have put together for free just by registering and requesting a copy.

Any company or business that uses or carries chemicals, hazardous or not, should be familiarwith MSDS's and the information they hold. If exposure to any chemical occurs it is important to know if prompt medical action is necessary, and if it is to be able to provide the medical professionals with the information that they need to treat the exposure.

You must truly understand the importance of carrying MSDS in a safe, protected and easily accessible place. This includes company vehicles carrying the chemicals to and from job sites that these chemicals are being used to perform daily jobs.

Many do not realize if the DOT (Department of Transportation) or police officer stops you for a traffic infraction, routine inspection or because of a traffic accident and MSDS's cannot be produced for the chemicals you carry, your vehicle can be impounded and substantial fines can be made against you and your business.

But even more serious could be the life or death importance that any delay in supplying a health provider with information may cause. 

"Time can be the difference between a routine treatment and serious complications, even death."

Part of your employee training should include where to find and how to use MSDS's. MSDS's should be kept in a single binder in plastic sheet protectors stored in a manner that they can be found and reaily accessed at any time. Duplicate copies of this binder should be in every vehicle or location these chemicals are transported or stored.

We will also be sending out Daily Tips this month to our FaceBook and Twitter accounts dealing with MSDS's and safety. I hope you will read and use them.



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Happy 4th of July

Posted by Linda Chambers on Mon, Jul 07, 2008 @ 11:44 AM

Good morning and I hope everyone had a Happy 4th of July.

Hard to think that for most of us half of the summer is already over and there is only 5 or so more weeks until school start back in.

I have not posted recently in the hopes of our customers finding the blog and participating in it. So far that has not been the case even though I know some have found it a read it. I did not want to get too many entries on it at first making it difficult for new viewers to see what we have started.

But before much longer I will be adding new posts covering other topics and products. If you have a specific question or product you want to know more about please let us know by posting to this or by contacting us directly.

Not many as I had hoped of our current customers took advantage of our Free for the Fourth product offer. One free 5 gallon with any three 5 gallons purchase. If you didn't, please remember we have monthly special offers listed on our newsletter and in our private customer only section of our website. Call for the password and check it out today. 

We hope all of you have been having a busy and productive season.

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