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How to Make your chemical dollar go further Suggestion #3

Posted by Linda Chambers on Sun, Jun 08, 2008 @ 09:00 AM


Our third suggestion is to stretch your cleaner as far as you can to still get the results you need. Most people, pressure washers included, tend to think more is better. Twice the dirt means you should use twice the cleaner, and that is just not true. Many times the more soap you add the harder it gets to get it clean. Sometimes all you need is hotter water to make the soap you already have do the job better. That is why our dilution rates are doubled with cold water. Turn up the heat and you will increase the cleaning power of the soap you already are using. Always first start a job with the least amount of chemical you think it will take and work up. Do not start high and think you can work down. Most operators will never dial it down to the same lower level that they could have cleaned with had they started the other way. This has also been proven in washer tests.

Sometimes all you need for the soap to work well is softer water. You can spend pennies per gallon on a water softener like our “So Soft” that will help your soap work better. It will also promote the sheeting off of water for vehicles and houses to dry faster. Or our "Booster" that will stretch the amount of soap you use. Adding "Quick Dry" to rinse water also aids in the sheeting action or our "Spray Wax" to leave cars or vinyl siding with a nice shine.

Please add your comments on how you save on product cost, additives you might put in like bleach or any other suggestions. Also if you have any questions about these suggestions as to how we can help you save money, just ask.

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How to Make your chemical dollar go further. Suggestion #2

Posted by Linda Chambers on Sat, Jun 07, 2008 @ 09:00 AM

Continuing from yesterday, June 6th:

Second use as few products as you can for as many different jobs as you can thus reducing the number of different products you have to buy, allowing you to buy in bulk, making it easier to store and manage. I have some customers that will use, say Mighty Max for almost all of there exterior cleaning jobs. They will buy one 55 gal kit in the beginning of the year to use at different strengths with different additives during the year thus saving money since they got one kit and saved on shipping the water weight of pails. So if you are buying over one year even 10 pails of Mighty Max, two at a time every other month, that would be $350 plus the shipping costs five times, where as one kit is only $205 and shipping one kit is less than even one set of two pails. Saving you hundreds!

Tell us your best all in one product? Is it Brown Derby? Mighty Max? Smoke House? We would like to hear from you and let everyone know what you add to these to give you the best results for the jobs you are doing. Maybe if enough of you like a certain product with a certain additive we can have it made that way and possibly save you even more.

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Ways to Beef Up Your Product Dollar

Posted by Linda Chambers on Tue, May 20, 2008 @ 02:50 PM

Save more per gallon when shipping as much weight as possible for the same rate.

Example: 2 kits of Brown Derby weigh 200 lbs, but you can usually send 1 extra kit for the same freight fee with most carriers, lowering your freight cost per gallon by 1/3.

Buy as large a quantity as you can at one time to save on product costs.describe the image

Example: If in the past you have used 5 pails or more of Mighty Max during the year at $35 per pail? The cost of a kit is less than the cost of 6 pails. $205/35=5.85 pails. You won' t have to worry about rising product or fuel rates, you pay just once and you also get over 5 extra pails of product for the same cost. Thus lowering your overall product costs, insuring your supply and when stored properly most products are good for two years.

These ideas could possibly insure that your rates will not increase to your customers when your competitors might and may actually bring you more business.

Call 800-762-7911 and have us run a quote for you today.

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