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The 4 steps to hiring employees.

Posted by Linda Chambers on Mon, Jun 15, 2015 @ 09:00 AM

I have seen this issue coming up a lot lately and I even started working on this series last year but never finished it. So I think now is a good time to get it done and posted.

The number one expense per job in a service business is your labor costs. So you need to be sure that the money you spend is for someone that is qualified to do the work and will expand your businesses good name.

The four steps to hiring employees: 4stepsofHiring

You have a set hiring procedure in place before you every place that first want ad.
First you should have a detailed application just for your company not some office supply store form.
Second is the interview process to help select the right potential candidate.
Third you should have an employee handbook, that is given to every new hire and signed for.
Fourth by following the rest of the steps spelled out in the handbook that applies to the job such as the need for a background, credit check and drug screening.

Taking these steps will not only give your customers value that you can spot light in your marketing but will give you added value as well in the long run by knowing you have skilled, qualified, drug free employees representing you and your company. The old adage 'You get what you pay for' can be attested to by anyone that has just hired someone off the street or because a friend of a friend said he was a good worker and knew what he was doing, only to have anything from major trouble to just routine annoyance caused by this person. Hopefully you have not been damaged too severely so far but by following these steps you will greatly improve your odds of never having to worry about it.

These steps can save you money by reducing employee absenteeism, possible reduction in insurance premium rates, reduce or eliminate loss due to theft, increase the quality of employees that should work better and safer allowing you to do more jobs without increasing man power.

I will go over in the next four blog posts this weeks information on each of these points, that you can go to, and use on your own.

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