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Tips for Cleaning in the Heat.

Posted by Linda Chambers on Thu, Aug 06, 2020 @ 08:30 AM

Extreme summer heat can make cleaning surfaces difficult, but we have some tips on how to keep working during these dog days.

  1. Optimize your schedule when cleaning on the hottest days, saving the morning with lower temperatures as much as you can.
  2. Be aware of which cleaners should not be allowed to dry on the surface while cleaning. Additional applications of the cleaning product during the dwell time may be necessary if the first application is drying too quickly.
  3. To avoid cleaners from flashing off when surfaces are extremely hot, you may need to flash cool the surface by spraying a light mist of water onto the surface, be careful not to create puddles on flat work. The evaporation of the water helps to cool the surface before applying the cleaner.
  4. If working with wood or pavers, allow sufficient time for your surface to dry before sealing. Although the high heat helps to speed up the drying process, many paints, stains and sealers require 24-48 hours of no rain or moisture before application.
  5. On large scale projects, divide the job into smaller sections that can be cleaned during the hottest time of the day.

Hope these tips help and also be sure to stay hydrated when working out in this heat.

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